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Privacy Vs Security | 2013 CrunchYear

Published on Dec 30, 2013

In this first installment of our two-part year in review, Leena Rao, Ryan Lawler and I talk about the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Edward Snowden and the National Security Administration who has been spying on the digital habits of millions of Americans with the help of some of the tech industry’s biggest and most trusted companies.

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    Gaming Consoles Fly or Die from TechCrunch

    PlayStation 4

    On the other side of the console wars is the Sony PlayStation 4 which upholds it’s promise of focusing on gaming. John and Jordan debate the merits of buying early or waiting until a price drop when more games will be developed purely for the system.

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    Published on Jan 1, 2014

    The next gen console wars have begun heating up this holiday season as Microsoft and Sony have released their newest video game systems. Xbox One is catering to the multimedia household and away from the hardcore gamer. Will this spell a win for a company so badly needing one? For more episodes of Fly or Die, click here:

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