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OSINT Podcast Daily Brief (January 10-11, 2014)

Listen to the news you need to know.  Today’s podcast briefing features NBC Nightly News (1-10-14), BBC World Report on Ariel Sharon (1-11-14), and Tech News Today (1-10-14).

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Atomic Reality for Future Discussions

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Watch, Learn, and Discuss: The atomcentral Fifty-Six
Screenshot from atomcentral's YouTube Channel showing some of their recent posts. . .
Screenshot from atomcentral’s YouTube Channel showing some of their recent posts. . .


Judge: NSA phone surveillance is legal, and a ‘vital tool’ | Security & Privacy – CNET News



Judge: NSA phone surveillance is legal, and a ‘vital tool’ | Security & Privacy – CNET News.

Uncertainty is abound in the NSA spy scandal launched by Edward Snowden.  Here is the latest update regarding this security and privacy issue.


OSINT Concepts and Contributions (TRM-COVOR)

OSINT Questions

By Craig S. Byrnes

A lack of resources and understanding leaves most law enforcing agencies in a tight spot when it comes to predictive analytics. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is often overlooked though it is often more reliable than some classified data sources.

The Redwine Model (TRM-COVOR) uses crowd-source enhanced collection streams in order to offer alternative predictive analysis on a variety of subjects. This collective analytic strategy operationalizes and fuses various analytic frameworks, so as to generate a predictive model aimed to combat cognitive bias, frivolous speculation, and nonsensical character assaults. This leads to a greater understanding of nuance, resulting in consistently comprehensive, quantifiable, and relevant OSINT products containing sound and transparent analytic judgments.

Situational awareness and an open-mind willing to force objective thinking are preconditions to actionable intelligence. TRM-COVOR goes a step further and supplements relevancy and timeliness by collecting opinions and thoughts bolstered by complicity within a structured thinking environment.

Visit to see the COVOR-DR system in action.

Participation is safe, rewarding, and easy for everyone. Just look for the #Polls Tag or follow @OSINT981 on Twitter for the questions to appear in your news feed. No sign-in required. No personal or private information will ever be asked for or collected. Better yet, why not give it a shot and weigh in on the Dennis Rodman/North Korea relationship by answering a Yes/No question?

A Question about Dennis Rodman

Be the Source
OSINT Questions

Rodman Returns from North Korea Visit

Rodman Returns from North Korea Visit.

Leave it to Denis Rodman to make waves in what are already turbulent waters.   He had no trouble from his buddy, Kim Jung-Un, who is according to Rodman, a “good guy” who is a “friend for life”.

Read on if you don’t believe the hype. . .

Rodman Returns from North Korea Visit