Report: Ethanol Production Bringing Steep Environmental Costs


Politicians touted ethanol as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels for years, but a new investigation by the Associated Press finds that the rush to produce more biofuels has caused its own environmental damage.

After years of subsidies to grow more corn needed to produce the ethanol, the AP finds:

“The ethanol era has proven far more damaging to the environment than politicians promised and much worse than the government admits today. As farmers rushed to find new places to plant corn, they wiped out millions of acres of conservation land, destroyed habitat and polluted water supplies.”

During the Obama administration, more than five million acres of land set aside for conservation have been used to grow more corn, according to the report — more land than Yellowstone, Everglades and Yosemite National Parks combined.

The ethanol industry pushed back hard against the report, calling it a “hatchet job” and…

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