It’s “let’s blame Israel” time again

Anne's Opinions

To be honest Israel is always being blamed for everything bad that goes on in the world, just like the Jew of old was blamed for everything from poisoning wells to killing Gentile babies for their blood. But every so often, a rash of “blame-Israel” items overwhelm the news in a malign confluence that is hard to ignore.

In no particular order, in the last week or so we have heard the following:

Arch-murderer and terrorist leader Yasser Arafat (ימח שמו – may his name be wiped out) was killed by polonium poisoning – and of course guess where the finger is pointing.

Palestinian officials have accused Israel of poisoning Mr Arafat, something Israel denies.

Paul Hirschson, a foreign ministry spokesman, dismissed the allegations as “hogwash”.

Former Israeli official Dov Weisglass said Israel had no motive to kill Mr Arafat at a time when he had been sidelined and isolated at his…

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