US Military Engagement with Burma? Way Too Soon

U.S. Campaign for Burma

USCB sat on a panel last week discussing the US government’s efforts to establish military relations with Burma. Read on to find out why the US government must rethink its strategy if it wants to retain the political leverage needed to promote freedom and human rights in Burma.

The skinny:

What: “Examining U.S.-Burma Military-to-Military Relations” Panel Discussion (click link for video)

When: October 29, 2013

Host: Heritage Foundation’s Asia Studies Center Director Walter Lohman.

Keynote Speaker: U.S. House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific Chairman Hon. Steve Chabot

Panel: U.S. Campaign for Burma Executive Director Jennifer Quigley, Human Rights Watch Asia Advocacy Director John Sifton, and Former Advisor to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Keith Luse

The meat:

In his keynote address, Rep. Steve Chabot questioned whether Burma has reformed enough to warrant US military engagement with Burma. Although on the surface Burma looks…

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