Who Keeps the Secrets?

Into The Fray

Since last summer, much has been said and written about the National Security Agency (NSA) and the release of sensitive information through the actions of Edward Snowden, the disaffected contract employee in the Hawaiian division of the agency.  Some argue that he is a whistleblower, or a “hero” for exposing the extent of NSA operations.  Others call him a “traitor” or an egomaniac out for his own purposes.  I tend to gravitate towards the latter.

In studying why people spy, or betray their country, or otherwise do harm to their nation’s security, old-time analysts refer to the motivation as being a result of MICE.   That is, Money, Ideology, Coercion, or Ego are the prime motivators.  Usually it only takes one, but sometimes it is a combination of things.  Obviously I have no idea what motivated Edward Snowden because I have never talked with him.  However, based on his actions and…

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