Apple: Company Transparency vs National Security Ethics


An issue we have discussed in the past in BGS is company transparency. Many companies struggle with what they reveal to the public about their company. Nike struggled with this in the 90’s and its refusal to be more transparent eventually lead to years of public bashing and upheaval. Recently in the news apple has been struggling to decide how transparent it can, wants to, and eventually will be to the public.

Transparency has become a heated issue that is up for conversation because of recent government issue requests from apple. The amount of government requests ranges in numbers, numbers that Apple has surprisingly vaguely disclosed. The company says

” US requests affected 2,000 to 3,000 accounts, adding it gave out data on zero to 1,000 accounts. This is the first time Apple has shared such data, but it is still not allowed to reveal the exact number of requests relating to…

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