Japan targets China as islands dispute threatens to boil over

China Daily Mail

The simmering conflict between Japan and China over three islands in the East China Sea has just gotten significantly closer to an open conflict.

Japan’s nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has just given orders to shoot down any aircraft, including Chinese surveillance drones, flying over “Japanese airspace” that refuses to leave.

As Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party was a creation of the US occupation after World War II and is known to be very close to Washington, it suggests that the Obama administration has given Abe the green light.

On October 23, Abe gave orders to his Defense Ministry to shoot down any foreign drones that ignore warnings to leave Japanese airspace.

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Abe also said that a resurgent Japan will”take a more assertive leadership role in Asia to counter China’s power” and be placed “at the helm of countries in the region nervous about Beijing’s military buildup.”


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